Event Amplification

Harness your most valuable asset: your delegates


TConsult can help you tap into the social and professional networks
of your delegates to increase the impact of your event over time and space


An amplified event is an event with an emphasis on spreading key event messages and resources through the online social and professional networks of its participants to generate greater awareness of the event and encourage public online discussion before, during and after the event.

This is not social media event marketing.

Event amplification is a way to improve the learning experience for your delegates and extend the discussions around your event theme. After all, conferences are for confering.

Kirsty Pitkin
Kirsty Pitkin Event Amplifier
Event amplification helps to support face-to-face interaction and to encourage deeper, broader conversations around your event.

Our event amplification services includes:

  • Strategy development
  • Event social network development
  • Pre-event blogging
  • Live Twitter commentary
  • Live video streaming
  • Speaker and delegate interviews
  • Event filming
  • Event summaries
  • Event content archiving


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