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“With great power comes great responsibility.” So, with the launch of the GATCA Library and the associated GATCA App (the offline version of the library and currently on any iOS device) we have taken the responsibility of the power and are issuing a monthly GATCA newsletter, that is sent to everyone that has signed up for updates via the GATCA Resource Library.

Since the launch we have issued two  GATCA newsletters, you can sign up for the GATCA newsletter without having to be a subscriber to the Library, but this however does not give you access to the documents or to the library itself.

The newsletters are, in essence, a snap shot of the library over the past month and have so far contained a variety of information, ranging from a “top three” new document list with a very brief description, links to blogs written by the team at TConsult Ltd and a summary of any important changes or information that we feel should be at the forefront of compliance departments minds.

Image Credit: Dennis Skley


Stuart Lipo

Stuart Lipo

Subject Matter Expert

Stuart is one of the key researchers and curators of legislation within TConsult Ltd. He was born and educated in South Africa before moving to the UK. Since leaving college Stuart has worked in the financial industry for independent financial advisors. His experience helps TConsult expand our specialisms and industry knowledge. He is the curator of our GATCA Resource Library.


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