Introducing the GATCA App

Following on from the recent launch of the GATCA Resource Library we are pleased to announce that the GATCA app is now available to download from iTunes.

There are times when you need to access vital documents whilst you’re on the move or meeting with a client. The GATCA app gives you offline access to all of the GATCA Resource Library materials, whenever you need them.

The GATCA App was created for financial service professionals who are responsible for compliance across a range of regulatory frameworks, including responsible officers and relationship managers. Like the GATCA Resource Library, the GATCA app includes documents relating to FATCA, US Chapter 3 (QI) reporting, the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard and Automatic Exchange of Information, and the UK’s C.DOT regulations.

The app allows you to access all the curated content of the GATCA Resource Library at your convenience on your smartphone or tablet. It is updated quarterly and is the perfect companion to a GATCA Resource Library subscription.


Key features of the GATCA App include:


  • Offline Access: Carry all the relevant documentation around with you on your smartphone or tablet, and access it even when there is no internet connection available
  • Quarterly Updates: Receive new documents and updates every quarter
  • Curated Content: Receive new articles and podcasts containing industry analysis from trusted sources
  • Practical Tools: Use practical tools to support your work and planning including the “Is Your Client An American?” test and event timers.


If you want to see how the GATCA App could help you in practice, watch this short video tutorial to see the app in action:



Download Now

The GATCA App is available for iPhone and iPad directly from the iTunes App Store.

Click here to download the app now.


Ross McGill

Ross McGill

CEO, TConsult

Ross McGill is the CEO and subject matter expert for TConsult. Ross is a specialist in QI and FATCA operational compliance, cross border tax reclaims, relief at source and information reporting. He over 23 years of experience in financial services, including 19 years at C level; and 30 years’ senior management experience in blue chip FMCG, including sales, marketing and operations.


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