Our history

Specialising in cross border taxation and ant-tax evasion regulations since 2003

Formed in 2003, our team of experts have extensive knowledge of the regulations, governance principles and procedures required to make sure your financial institution is compliant and operating efficiently across a range of international anti-tax evasion and cross-border tax regulations.

Our founder

Our founder, Ross McGill, is a respected industry expert who regularly presents at leading regulatory compliance conferences and is the author of several books about withholding tax and its surrounding regulation. Ross’ books have become required reading for anyone joining the back office or tax departments of custodian banks and brokerage firms.

Ross founded TConsult to provide the industry with practical, pragmatic solutions that focus on the real-world activities that financial institutions need to undertake to ensure they are compliant with all their obligations.

Our clients

TConsult now has clients all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Africa, to name a few.

Our clients are typically custodian banks and brokerages that act as intermediaries in the payment chain for U.S. investments. We also work with technology firms developing innovative new product offerings in the reg tech space.

Growing and evolving

In 2019, we launched an affiliate program to allow other independent consultants in various parts of the world to become part of what we do.

We currently have affiliates in eight countries with a wide range of languages and subject matter expertise. This allows us to act local but deliver global.

We can deploy highly skilled and motivated people on everything from the smallest to the largest project.

Become an affiliate

We operate a very different corporate ethic at TConsult. If you’re interested to join us, please get in touch.


“I love working here. The work-life balance is great, and my annual review is like – are you still having fun? OK, let’s get back to it!”

Stuart Lipo, Senior Consultant


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