Anti-Tax Evasion

Financial institutions are at the forefront of the fight against international tax evasion
We help firms to meet their obligations to support this global effort

U.S. Chapter 4 – FATCA

More commonly known as FATCA, this is an anti-tax evasion regulation aimed at prevention and detection of tax evasion by US Persons by having unreported accounts outside the US.

FATCA requires non-US financial institutions to conduct due diligence on all their account holders, identify US accounts and report them to the IRS on an annual basis.

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AEoI and CRS

AEoI is an anti-tax evasion framework to allow tax administrations in partner jurisdictions to bi-laterally or multi-laterally share tax information about non-residents with financial accounts in each partner jurisdiction.

CRS is the standard that financial institutions use to report this information to their tax administrations.

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“FATCA and CRS compliance are not one-time projects – they require ongoing resource to stay compliant.”

Ross McGill, Chairman


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