What we do

We help you to identify what you should be doing tomorrow that’s different from what you did yesterday

Helping you achieve your compliance goals

On our side we have some of the most knowledgeable subject matter experts in the world and those experts have many decades of experience in the industry – so we know how things work (and often don’t).

On your side, you’ve either got a problem or you want to achieve a goal and you don’t have enough resource or knowledge to accomplish that goal.

Our job is to join those two sides together by making our knowledge and experience available to you in a way that suit your needs and budget.

How we work

We deliver our services in three ways:


You can engage us for an opinion on ad hoc basis or retain us for a fixed period.

You’ll get a quick acknowledgement, followed by a non-legally binding opinion directly from one of our subject matter experts.

We’re always happy to jump on a call to make sure you can make the best decision with the information we provide.


You can ask us to design bespoke training courses for your team.

Whether you need a high-level briefing for board members or an intensive operational training session for your back-office team, we can help.

Our courses can be delivered online via live video call or recording, or in person at your offices.


We can deliver a range of reports to help your team, including:

  • Exposure map reports
  • Board level briefings
  • White papers on specific topics
  • Compliance reviews to help you identify problems
  • Periodic Reviews for qualified intermediaries


We don’t mind how you want to engage with us. In all cases, we will start by having a conversation to understand your circumstances, propose the best method to solve your need and move forward from there.

We pride ourselves on straight, clear talking – that applies from the first conversation to all our work and opinions.

What to expect

You won’t get hundred-page reports from us that are full of impenetrable tax language – we’ll explain it all in accessible terms and make practical suggestions that you can implement.

You won’t be waiting for your questions to go up a chain of relationship managers before it reaches a subject expert – with us, you’ll be talking directly to the expert in real-time.

Untangle your compliance issues

Book a free initial consultation with us to find out how we can help you manage your compliance obligations across overlapping international anti-tax evasion and cross-border tax regulations.


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