Cross-Border Tax

We specialise in supporting firms that act as intermediaries for clients that invest in relief at source markets with their withholding and reporting obligations.

U.S. Section 871(m)

Section 871(m) is one of the most complex areas of cross border tax regulation for financial institutions. If you trade in derivatives that have underlying U.S. stocks, we can help.

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U.S. Chapter 3 – QI/NQI

Whether you are a qualified intermediary or a non-qualified intermediary, we can help you navigate the rules on withholding, depositing and reporting U.S.- sourced FDAP income.

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U.S. Backup withholding and 1099 reporting

If you want to accept Americans as clients with minimal risk, we can help.

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Become an Authorised Intermediary under TRACE and give your clients the benefit of tax relief at source on investment income from TRACE jurisdictions.

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“Client documentation, withholding and reporting of cross-border income from relief at source markets all require robust systems. We work with financial institutions to develop these systems and resolve any historical issues so firms can move forward with confidence.”

Ross Mcgill, Chairman