U.S. Chapter 4


FATCA is a key part of the international anti-tax evasion landscape that intersects with other regulatory frameworks.
We specialise in navigating the challenges this can present.


How we support financial institutions with their FATCA obligations:

Exposure Map Report

We can provide an exposure map report that will give you:

1. A clear picture of how you are impacted by FATCA

2. An overview of the operational choices available to you

3. Practical recommendations to remediate any issues or choose more efficient procedures

Compliance Manual Development

If your firm is a Participating FFI you need a compliance manual that ensures you meet the terms of your FFI Agreement.

We can provide expert support to help your team build a comprehensive and efficient compliance manual that allows you to manage risk and communicate your policies and procedures clearly to staff at all levels within the firm.


We can deliver bespoke training to help your staff understand your FATCA obligations, including how to conduct enhanced due diligence and reporting processes.

We can provide training remotely via video call or on site. All courses are tailored to your needs and can be delivered as high-level briefing sessions or operational and compliance deep dives.

FATCA Compliance Review

Our FATCA compliance reviews help financial institutions to assess their current level of compliance and identify areas for improvement or areas that are not meeting regulatory standards and need to be fixed.

We review a sample of accounts, your compliance manual and related materials, and conduct interviews with key members of staff to get a holistic, expert view of your FATCA controls.

Retained Subject Matter Expertise

We can be on hand to answer day-to-day operational questions about the Chapter 4 regulations, either on an ad hoc basis or as your retained subject matter experts.

We provide non-legally binding opinion that is practical and to the point, so your operations team can make quick, informed decisions and get on with the job.

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“FATCA compliance is an important aspect of international efforts to combat tax evasion. You need robust systems to identify and report U.S. clients on an ongoing basis – FATCA is never truly ‘done’.”

Rhodri Lougher, Consultant


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