Kirsty Pitkin

December 13, 2022|1 Minutes

The New QI Agreement 2023: What it means for you (Webinar Recording)


We held a webinar for financial institutions in Hong Kong and Taiwan to discuss the impact of the proposed changes in the new QI Agreement, which is due to come into effect on 1st January 2023.

The new QI Agreement is expected to include new obligations for qualified intermediaries that allow their clients to trade in publicly traded partnerships, known as PTPs. These obligations relate to Section 1446(f) of the U.S. tax code, which governs the taxation of gross proceeds when there is a gain on the sale of an interest in a PTP.

This webinar provided financial institutions with a high level overview of the operational choices available to them and a discussion of the issues they must consider when these new obligations take effect.


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Kirsty Pitkin

Kirsty is the CEO of TConsult Ltd.

Kirsty is passionate about communicating in simple, accessible language that everyone can understand. She specialises in translating complex tax technical documents into a form that allows financial institutions to make more informed compliance decisions.