US Withholding Tax Chapter 3: QI/NQI Regulations


This course is designed for QIs who wish to keep up to date with the regulations, firms intending to become QIs and who need to understand the implications of QI status, and finally for NQIs who want or need to understand their obligations under the regulations. The course covers each of the process elements in detail including due diligence rules, validation of documentation, withholding, reporting and management of control and oversight.

The course also covers the strategic issues of what it means to be a QI or NQI. The QI Application process is explained, as well as the convergence of the regulations with FATCA and its implications. Counterparty relationships are discussed in terms of account types commonly used, how to access tax relief at source for clients. For QIs, there is discussion of the different types of QI and benefits of one over the other. For NQIs there is discussion of reporting obligations and how to meet them. Long Form claims and refund methods are also discussed.

Who Should Attend?

If your firm receives US sourced income for the benefit of underlying clients, this course is important for you.

Staff who should attend include relationship management, sales, operations, income processing, tax processing, client on-boarding, senior management, compliance, IT and legal.


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This course is offered on an in-house basis. Clients will be asked to provide some advance preparatory information which will then be used to customise the course materials so that the material is of more relevance to their situation.

This course can be delivered to a group of between 10 and 40 delegates over a period of either one or two days.

Two day courses cover the same content in more depth, with some additional material, exercises and workshops to help delegates absorb the content more effectively. There is also a greater amount of time allowed for questions, so delegates have the time to structure and ask questions that are relevant to their circumstances.


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