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  • FATCA Responsible Officer Certifications Deadline

    If your FATCA certification period ends on 31st December 2021, your Responsible Officer certification is due no later than 1st July 2022.

  • Changes to the TCC application and renewal process

    The IRS is launching a new process for financial institutions who need to apply for a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) to use the FIRE Portal to submit their 1042-S Information Returns electronically.  If you received your Transmitter Control Code before 26th September 2021, you must take action.

  • QI, WP, WT Application Deadline for 2022

    If you want to apply to become a Qualified Intermediary (QI), Withholding Partnership (WP) or Withholding Trust (WT) in 2022, you must submit your application no later than 30th September 2022.

  • Upcoming IRS Webinar: Understanding Form 1042-S

    The IRS will be hosting a live webinar with important information for tax practitioners and withholding agents, discussing: Overview of […]

  • New sign in options for the QI Portal

    The IRS is updating its login procedures on a number of online applications. They will soon transition the QI Portal to a new sign-in system that requires new users to register or sign in with

  • FATCA Registrations: Sponsoring Entities with no Registered Sponsored Entities

    The IRS has identified Sponsoring Entities that do not appear to have Sponsored Entities registered in the FATCA Registration System. […]

  • IRS updates to the QI/WP/WT FAQ page

    The IRS has updated its FAQ page for Qualified Intermediaries, Withholding Partnerships and Withholding Trusts. The FAQs that have been […]

  • Understanding Forms 1042 and 1042-S webinars now available on the IRS Video Portal

    Throughout August and September, the IRS hosted a series of live webinars containing important information for tax practitioners and withholding agent about 1042-S and 1042 reporting. Recordings of these webinars are now available online.

  • IRS issues new QI Agreement 2023

    The long awaited new QI Agreement has been published by the IRS. Revenue Procedure 2022-43 will come into effect on […]

  • IRS issues additional guidance on 1446(f)

    The IRS has issued additional guidance relating to transfers of PTP interests under Section 1446(f). Notice 2023-08 describes the IRS […]